SoundCloud Explained

Online streaming services are not something new to the music world. There are various ways to stream audio and music online, and one such streaming platform is SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was founded in Berlin in 2007 and has ever since outspread to an extensive app that includes a streaming service, a distribution platform and an online community. For musicians, it’s a remarkable platform to upload original music to share with their followers and for the followers, it’s simple to keep track of their favorite artists and stream on repeated play. Thus, SoundCloud offers a remarkable platform to stream audio for news and sports media markets.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud, an online streaming service for music and audio is termed as the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform ever since it started in 2008. However, SoundCloud offers various functions based on the kind of users such as it acts as a bin for music and audio, serves as a podcast by uploading favorite audio, and links the followers with their favorite artists directly. The followers can also post feedback and reviews for their desired artists.

  • SoundCloud elites on its open platform, where simple music streaming and audio storage services have extremely complex usage agreements. SoundCloud intends to make easy access to Streaming and sharing of music/audio.
  • SoundCloud is very much similar to YouTube (without video, though), in which anyone can upload content which when made public is easily accessible by any user who visits the site.
  • SoundCloud gives a choice for different subscriptions such as –
  • A free account – User is limited to 120 minutes of uploaded audio and view only a few stats.
  • Pro/Pro Unlimited – User gets more upload hours, open stats, and a Quiet Mode feature which helps to hide comments and stats on the tracks.
  • SoundCloud is found on different platforms – Online, iOS, Android, Window 10 (beta), Xbox One, and Sonos

Features of SoundCloud

After knowing the basic concept of SoundCloud, let’s look into its features. Thus, if you are a music startup and wish to create a successful music streaming platform such as SoundCloud, note the below-listed features –

  • Allows the users to search music catalogue by category
  • Offers personalized playlist
  • Offers access to millions of songs, both online and offline
  • Merges social media and helps to connects with friends

Even without the login or account creation, users can look for their desired music tracks, favorite artists, a podcast and much more in the SoundCloud app. This offers a list of search results from which the users can select and start listening. The user can also search in the SoundCloud Top 50 list for the most popular music on the app.

Signing up on the SoundCloud can be done either using a Facebook account, Google account, or an email address. Once the Signing Up process is completed, the user gets complete access to the SoundCloud app.


Wrapping up! Thanks to the SoundCloud platform which helps to improve your personal or corporate brand and make it reach as many people as possible who may be interested in this type of content.